Service for new clients at brow2brow

  • General consultation
  • Numbing cream is applied to treatment area
  • Clean up of the eyebrows by tweezing and shaving
  • A mineral marker is used to shape the eyebrows
  • Matching the eyebrow color with organic pigment to be used
  • Microblading begins with the first pass over the treatment area. The number of passes required will depend on the desired outcome the client is looking to achieve.
  • Finishing touches, cleanup of the treatment area
  • Client inspects the work and gives their approval

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Aftercare instructions are provided in order to achieve optimal results. Touchup appointment is to be scheduled 5-7 weeks after the initial appointment. It follows the same level of service and quality as the initial treatment. Our goal is to ensure that each client needs are met and fully fulfilled.

Price for this service at the moment: $350.00

Payments can be made by

Returning clients

If you have received this service in the past at brow2brow, we want to thank you!  Our way of saying thank you will be to provide a touch up appointment for $200 as long as you book your appointment within the first 18 months of your initial treatment.  This price will never increase for our clients no matter what the initial price is at the moment.  You can have a new pair of brows every 18 months!