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Many women desire thick and full eyebrows, but for those with sparse eyebrows, achieving this look can be a challenge. Thankfully, BoldBrows treatment offers a solution with its hyper-realistic eyebrow technique. By following the natural direction of hair growth, BoldBrows creates a full and voluminous eyebrow look. 

Unlike Microblading, which provides a thinner and more defined appearance, BoldBrows creates a more natural and fuller look for those seeking a bolder and more dramatic effect.

What is
BoldBrows Training

BoldBrows training is a special education at Phi Academy that allows all Students to acquire advanced knowledge of drawing eyebrows using special strokes that combine curved and braided hairs with short hairs and thus form the effect of greater eyebrow volume.

BoldBrows training is ideal for absolute beginners and it combines well with other courses at Phi Academy, such as PhiBrows Microblading course. By mastering both techniques, Students can expand their services and make their work even more lucrative.

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  • BoldBrows Microblading Is One Of The Most Advanced Brow Techniques.

  • You Will Be Able To Build An International Career.

  • PhiAcademy Certification Is One Of The Most Renowned In The World

  • BoldBrows microblading is one of the most advanced brow techniques

  • Our Course Helps You Go From A Beginner To A Skillful Microblading Artist In Short Time

  • You Will Get Business Tips And Support To Start Your Own Business

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