Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Microblading is a semi-permanent way of achieving hair like strokes, by using a tiny blade composed of microneedles to deposit pigment into the surface of the skin.
The average price range for microblading service in Phoenix, Arizona is $200 to $800, depending on the experience and location of the artist.
Retention of pigment is dependent on skin type. As an example, oily skin will have higher chances of it fading sooner.  Microblading will typically start to fade anywhere between 12-18 months before you will want to consider a touch up.
Microblading was invented in Asia, shortly after that it became very popular in the middle east. It took many years for it to migrate to Europe and even longer to become popular in America.
It depends! Clients who cannot get microblading are pregnant, breastfeeding (possible without numbing cream), have dermatitis, other visible skin condition, or have done a previous brow tattoo that’s way too dark to microblade over.
Everyone who desires it! Why not, it will only enhance even the most beautiful natural brow or give someone without any brows at all a beautiful new brow.
Outside of the obvious answer that you no longer have to worry if your brows are on, microblading will give you a huge confidence boost. You will wake up feeling younger and more attractive every time you look in the mirror.
Avoid blood thinners like coffee, alcohol, aspirin etc.
Maybe? Not that I know of. Keep in mind that this is going to be on your face, so do you really want to have cheap microblading work?
The first pass is not numbed and it does sting a bit, most clients say it’s not as bad as they thought it would be. After the first pass the area is numbed and you barely feel anything after that. Why not numb the first pass? Because the first pass is when I achieve the crisp clear lines and cannot compromise the brow with numbing.
The best one is the one that produces pictures you LOVE. My clients come in and say I have followed your work for months and never have seen something I did not like. Bingo.
Look no further! JK. Follow their work, like the shape and stroke pattern? Are they trained or self-taught? How long have they been doing microblading? Answer these questions and you’re one step closer to finding your microblading artist. Next is to look for healed result pictures, this is so important because an artist is only as good as their healed microblading results.
To book a microblading appointment with me, all you need to do is contact me via varies ways like Facebook, Instagram, E-mail or by simply texting or calling my cell number 602-332-5289, my name is Zorana.
The average initial microblading appointment is 2 hours.
The average microblading touch up appointment is 45 minutes.
There is no downtime with microblading, usually my clients go about their business right after.
It is a series of phases that your brows will go through during healing.  Depending on your skin the brow will first get darker, then lighten drastically, some pigment loss may occur while flaking.
My clients have to wash their brows morning and night for 7 days and apply ointment on the brow once it is completely dry.
Yes! Our aftercare is super important and can have a drastic impact on the retention and turnout of your treatment.  You want to make sure your investment is not wasted so be sure to follow instructions.
No make-up directly on the brow for 7 days, anywhere else is fine.
If you must. But you should wear a hat and cannot submerge yourself underwater.
After, you don’t want to worry about your brows while on vacation. Most clients will not follow aftercare on vacation either, especially a beach vacation.
Not for the event, unless it’s about 2-3 months prior. It is not a treatment you do before a huge event with no time to heal.
Microblading color touch up takes place 12-18 months after your last appointment and is a session where we renew the color of the old microblading to make them look new again.
I use Phibrows organic pigments which are very safe for the skin.
Anyone can get an infection if they are not taking care of their skin.  Just like you can get an infection from a tattoo if you were to not take care of it with gentle washing and ointment to moisturize the area.
All allergic reactions should be seen by a physician.
Follow after care and treat the area like a wound, you don’t want to get it dirty or touch it unless to clean it.
I have not experienced a client with an infection, however I advise all my clients to follow the aftercare and let me know if the redness does not go down by the next day. The brow should not be red, itchy or irritated. The earlier you contact your artist the more they can advise on how to proceed. My suggestion is to lay off the ointment for a few hours and see how the brow feels when you let it breath a bit.
Stop using the ointment! Let the brow breath, wash every few hours and see if symptoms subside by the next day. If not, you might want to see a physician.