Meet Your

Zorana Tipuric | Craft Master

  • 2023 Luxuree Studio Lip Blush Master Class Certified

  • 2021 Contour by Phi Brows Academy

  • 2020 Phi Academy Powder Brows Certified

  • 2019 Phi Academy Master – Bold Brows

  • 2018 Phi Academy Royal Artist

  • 2018 Phi Academy Royal Artist

  • 2018 Phi Academy Bold Brows Perfection Training Certified

  • 2017 Phi Academy Microblading Certified

  • 2016 Everlasting Microblading Certified

Hi There!

My name is Zorana and I am the proud owner of Brow2Brow 3D Microblading studio located in Phoenix, Arizona. 
One day I would love to be part of your Microblading journey, here is mine. My journey to becoming a Microblading artist, now master, began in 2016 and it continues to be my true calling.  Giving up my familiar “safe” cushy job, was one of the scariest, yet best decisions of my life.
This was a massive leap into the unknown, but as they say, unless you jump you won’t know if you can fly, which is the exact approach I took.  It was not easy, but it was a ton of fun and continues to be.

Building your business from scratch, is never easy, but knowing you are building it for yourself, makes it all worthwhile. Microblading has altered the course of my life, so it is only fair that I help others achieve the same success that I have. When I am not doing what I love, then I am spending time with the people I love. I hope this was just enough to give you some sense of who I am, and how much this career leap meant to me. With that being said, I just want you to know that you can always reach out to me and I will gladly answer ANY questions you might have. Therefore, reach out and find out how to become a great Microblading artist and all aspects that involve running a successful business. My goal, is to produce the best artist that will pursue this career with fierce passion.