1. Training Services

1.1. Prior to beginning of the training, student was advised that the course includes  2-6 months online training (depending on kit type purchase). Student is aware that student needs to pass the 11 levels online in CraftMaster in order to receive certificate of completion. Time in CraftMaster depends on which kit student purchased in the course: Premium Kit is 6 months; Standard Kit is 4 months and Starter Kit is 2 months in CraftMaster.


2. Master Obligations

2.1. Master has to give the students the kit (materials) that they have chosen and prepare the student for the online portion of the training.

2.2. In the online portion of the training, master has to respond to submissions within 48 hours of the students submitting in CraftMaster (exemptions to the time line lie within life emergency events or work/personal related travel within reason). Master must train and advise student in CraftMaster during allocated time (dependent on kit purchase) to complete their certificate.


3. Student Obligations

      3.1. Student must successfully complete all 11 levels in the CraftMaster online portion of the training in order to obtain their certificate of completion.


4. Refund Policy

      4.1. All master fees are earned upon receipt and are non-refundable including initial deposit.

4.2. There are no eligible refunds once training has begun as information is starting to be delivered, as it cannot be taken back by the master/instructor.

4.3. Student understands that they cannot cancel or request any refunds once kit(materials) have been received and the training has begun.  

4.4. All terms in this contract have been signed and acknowledged prior to any final payment has been made.

5. Please Note the Following

5.1. Student understands that master cannot guarantee or promise a certificate of completion or successful outcome.

5.2. Master retains records for two years from the date this agreement is terminated; after which master may dispose of file.

5.3. In case student does not complete the course successfully, in time before the CraftMaster time expires. Student   will have option to extend CraftMaster at an additional monthly fee to allow more time for completion.

5.4. Student understands that they might appear in videos or photos taken during the training. This is voluntary and student will not be paid or compensated in any way for participating.